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Dave’s Gourmet Paletas is thrilled to bring this Mexican frozen delight – the “paleta” – to Connecticut!  While a paleta might be a new and exciting product to folks here, these colorful palettes of homemade ice cream and fresh fruit on a stick are wildly popular in Mexico and other parts of the United States.  In fact, Fairfield’s own Dave Rock, the owner of Dave’s Gourmet Paletas, fell in love with paletas while commuting to and from Miami, and he was confident that his local community would love them, too. Why?  Because the paleta offers a new, refreshing, and upscale alternative to your typical franchised ice cream shop.  Dave strongly believes that your frozen treats should be made daily by a chef with entirely fresh ingredients, and not be mass produced by some chemical product loaded into a machine and squeezed out on a tasteless cone.  So, Dave hired a young chef from Johnson & Wales; they tested all of the flavors for a months to ensure the best quality product. Then he hired a young, energetic, cool staff to make the “paleta experience” special for everyone, and then he took a leap of faith – opening Dave’s Gourmet Paletas in the tail end of a global pandemic!

Dave's Gourmet Paletas
Dave's Gourmet Paletas

Luckily, the response was overwhelming!  Customers flocked to this new, colorful shop with endless questions.  What is a paleta?  Do you have vegan flavors?  What do you offer that is gluten-free?  And what the heck is Chamoy???  Much of the time, you will find that Dave is there personally to greet patrons and answer all of your questions.  Yes, these artisanal treats are hand-crafted daily by our chef who makes them on premises with zero additives or preservatives, and all natural ingredients.  Yes, we have something for everyone – including those with allergies, nutritional limitations, and special dietary choices. And yes, it is a three-step process:  1) Choose your paleta, 2) select one of our amazing homemade dips (dark chocolate, white chocolate, or hazelnut), and finally, 3) garnish it with a variety of fun toppings from crushed pretzels to coconut flakes to toffee.  Yum!
We hope you will come check us out and taste for yourself.  If you’re like us – you’ll never go back to commercial ice-cream ever again…